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Original Series

Jill Haddan
We love our flag pole and flags. We display them for every season and event. We even moved and it was so easy to take and place at our new home. Our neighbors comment about our flags all the time....

Solar Light for Telescoping Aluminum Flagpoles

John Shostik
The lite worked O.K. for a while and then stopped working. I took the lite apart to change the battery and I have no idea where to purchase a battery like that!!...

Solar Light for Telescoping Aluminum Flagpoles

Paul Coakley
I have installed my flag pole looks great. I put the new solar light on top, but last night the light was flickering off and on. What might be the cause for this??? I think this is a great feature but would obviously like it to stay through the night. The sun is on it all day long so it should be fully charged....


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